Love is the Path

We all want to find love but where are we looking?  I mean, are we on the right path to finding love?  We want to find someone who loves us, a lover, at the end of our path.  But what if, rather than trying to find a lover, we become a lover?  Why not?  Then someone would be looking for us.  Now, what would that look like? Who could we use as a model for our new endeavor?


We should choose a good example.  We should choose the best example.  There is a person in history who actually set himself as the model for loving people. He said, “Love each other like I have loved you.”  Before he came, the example was you.  Have you heard the saying:  Love your neighbor in the same way you love yourself.


Now that we have an example, I mean, besides ourselves, we can begin.  The person who set themselves as the example is Jesus.  So we just need to love people like Jesus loved them.  It would be good to know his secret.  I mean, how did he do it?


Maybe, like a magician, he doesn’t reveal his secret.  Maybe we must study for many years to reach his level of loving. But Jesus is no magician. No, he came to reveal secrets and make clear what may have been hidden. He reveals everything we are able to understand. 


At the beginning of his public life, he is filled with the Spirit of God.  He is tested and assures us he is telling us the truth. He says that he is doing what he sees his Father doing.  And that he does everything the Father wants him to do.  He keeps all the sayings God gave to humans. He lives out the best life right before the eyes of his contemporaries.


He loves God and calls him his Father.  He loves people he meets as in “You will love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  Yes, some of his actions are miracles.  But some are simply being with people who are ignored or even despised by others, like tax collectors and prostitutes.  He acts in love at all times.  Why?  Because God defines love as the relationship.  One of his followers, John, later writes that God is love.  And John describes himself as the disciple that Jesus loved.  Love is what Jesus is all about. We really can’t find a better example.


So, back to our statement:  What if Love is our path.  Love is not just what we find at the end of the path.  No, Love is the path itself.  Love is living like Jesus.  And if we want to know more about how love acts, we can read 1 Corinthians 13.  And after we read it, and we know the characteristics of love, we can make it our To Do List.


I Corinthians 13

Love Believes All Things


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